Caramel Cocoa Cuddles

Caramel Cocoa Cuddles is the little sister of Toffee Cocoa Cuddles. She was made by Aliah Venice Garcia (Aliahvenicegarcia)


Caramel thinks everything is edible and loves pouring chocolate syrup on almost EVERYTHING!

She loves eating chocolates and cakes and candy in all of Lalaloopsy Land and she is the sweetest!

She also likes licking cake batter from the bowl!

You can find Caramel here:

Sewn On: December 16 (National Chocolate Everything Day)

Sewn From: A Chocolate Box


Caramel is a fair skinned girl with brown button eyes and heart shaped cheeks. She has dark pink hair with her bangs that have gaps and cute little pigtails on the side. She has a pink strawberry juice mark on the side of her mouth. Caramel wears a pink dress with a pink vest. She has a brown ribbon on her waist.


Her pet is a cute little Chocolate bar! Her pet Chocolate bar has a cute little bite mark on the side.


  • She resembles Sprinkle Spice Cookie