Cory is a curious girl who loves adventures and hunting for things. She loves to wear raincoats, even if it's not raining. Even her pet cat loves adventures. She is a fanmade character by Aliahvenicegarcia!


Cory was sewn from Coraline's raincoat. She's not afraid. Her pet cat always follows her where ever she goes. She thinks that there should be a raincoat machine so she can always change her raincoats. She is always full of energy!


Cory has light-colored skin. Her hair is Slightly-cut. She wears a yellow raincoat with dark-blue jeans under. She wears boots that are yellow. Her eyes are the normal black eyes.


Cory's pet is a black cat who has black eyes, grey skin and a yellow mark in her left eye. It follows Cory where ever she goes.


Cory lives in a pink apartment built out of bricks. She lives on the 1st house. There are a lot of mice outside of her house.


  • She was based on the 2009 film "Coraline".
  • She Shares the same pet with Jewel Sparkles