Crystal, Lyric and Yellow are the older sisters of Princess Nutmeg. They are known as the "Silly Sisters", because they're all the Princesses of Silly.


Crystal was born first, then Lyric, then Yellow. Their mother died when Nutmeg was only 4. Crystal was 13, Lyric was 12 and Yellow was 11. Since then, they were taken care by their father until his death 8 years later. Now Nutmeg is the "Youngest Silly Sister", and that the sisters have to take care of her.

What they look like

Crystal has light blue hair, she wears a yellow elbow sleeve jacket, and also has a pink sleeveless shirt under it. She wears a white shirt with a white belt, and has black and white spotted stockings and indigo and white boots,

Lyric has black hair, she wears a blue T-shirt and pink shorts. She wears green sandals. She wears music note earrings.

Yellow has yellow hair in a ponytail, she wears a light green sleeveless shirt and dark green skirt with a yellow sash tied in a bow around her waist. She wears white socks and black dance shoes.


Nutmeg says she wants to be a superstar like them, so that one day she can be known as "Nutmeg the Superstar".