So you wish to make/add your own FC (Fan Character)? Well then you came to the right place. This page will tell you just how to do this :3

Step 1

For some reason the "Add a page" button has gone missing. So instead go to "Contribute" on the right hand side and in the menu is "add a page there. Just use that tab to do the same thing as a normal Add a Page button.

Step 2

All Fan Characters of any series has a profile. Think of the major key items such as:

  1. Name :
  2. Appearence :
  3. Personality :

and don't forget to add a piccie~

Then think of what your Lalaloopsy needs besides the 3 major items above:

  1. Home information :
  2. Pet:
  3. Material he or she is made from :
  4. Friends :
  5. Image Gallery (if you have more then one image) :

Anything you think is important to add. But please keep in mind we want nice length pages. Please don't just make a page for an image and then only provide like.... 2-3 sentences and thats it. People don't come just to read poor quality pages like that. They want nice detailed pages to find out information :3

So with this in mind your ready to begin~!