0Peppa pig All credit goes to Cookiez Rocker AND Aliahvenicegarcia for creating this on the LCD (Lalaloopsy Cuztomized Dolls) wiki! Thank you, Cookiez Rocker and Aliahvenicegarcia!

Sign Up

Welcome to the First Annual Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe! I'm so glad you're here! This year's competition starts today, Sunday, May 19, 2013. If you would like to enroll one of your fan made Lalaloopsies in the Ms. Lalaloopsy Universe Pageant, you have until June 30th, 2013 to put down the name of your Lalaloopsy right here:

  1. Wendy Strawberry
  2. Starlight SuperStar
  3. Cocoa Hot 'N' Frothy
  4. Pink-pie Bowtie
  5. Peppermint Candy Sticks
  6. Darby Whirl n' Swirl
  7. Taylor Sings
  8. Mary D. Smoke
  9.  Amethyst Quartz
  10. Pink Loves 'n' Hearts
  11. Gabi Tess
  12. Fran Mill
  13. Amber Stars 'N' Stripes
  14. Bella  Darknes
  15. Lolly lick n pop
  16. Cotton Cloud Wisp
  17. Weather Sun Fun
  18. Rocky CaveStone
  19. Bella Hates-a-Lot
  20. Cala Maria
  21. Loona Hearts-a-Lot
  22. Margalo L. Spring
Who is your favorite so far?

The poll was created at 10:54 on April 9, 2014, and so far 45 people voted.

Plus guys, I don't know how to make a poll correctly.


  • Please don't cheat. If you do, you will be disqualified.
  • You cannot recolor someone else's Lalaloopsy's dress.
  • If you lose, please do not be a poor sport. Congratulate the people who won, then get over it.
  • Even if I sent an invite to all of your character's pages, you can only enter one of them (see in comments).

What Will Happen

  1. Everyone who wants to will enroll their Lalaloopsy into the sign up sheet above.
  2. We will do the Beauty and Talent competion and you will vote on your favorite.
  3. We will have two finalists and you will vote for your favorite. She will win!