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Rain Bow is a Lalaloopsy who creates rainbows. She has so many friends in her heart, that she was sewn with two hearts to hold all of her friends. She is very kind, cheerful, and very playful. Sometimes after a rainy day in Lalaloopsy Land she will sit on her pet and create a rainbow.


Her pet is a small cloud.


 His name is Cloudy.


She has orange eyes, long, purple hair in pigtails, with a clump of hair covering one her orange eyes. Rain usually wears a green blouse with magenta buttons in it, a dark green skirt, and wears white stockings with her green boots.  If you closely at her left cheek you will see a small rainbow.

Sewn on

She was sewn from a piece of a real female leprechaun's dress. She was sewn on March 17th (Saint Patricks day)

Likes and dislikes

Likes: Flowers, Rainbows, Spring days, Summer days, Her pet, Her name. She also really likes a pot of gold!

Dislikes: Bugs, Autumn, Winter,  anything that doesn't look pretty, barf (Ew!), Electro the human lightning bolt.


She lives inside a rainbow.


  • She is the first Lalaloopsy to have this hairstyle.
  • She is also the first Lalaloopsy to have two sisters.
  • First Lalaloopsy to have a pet that already has a name.
  • First Lalaloopsy to have Orange eyes.