Sandy Wich
Sandy Wich

Sewn Date:

November 3rd (Sandwich Day)

Sewn From:

A hand-knit Napkin with embroidered designs


A Tan and white Hamster she calls Sesame


Pepper Pots 'N' Pan

Berry Jars 'n' Jam

Crumbs Sugar Cookies

Sandy is a Lalaloopsy Chef with a huge clumsy streak. She often finds herself in plenty of funny, or messy situations. Her pet Hamster, Sesame doesn't help much - because it tends to mistake her outfits for food!


Sandy is perky and friendly with a sweet and happy nature. Besides making sandwiches, she enjoys making others happy and healthy. She usually puts her own needs behind everyone else and their own, and she can be a bit negative when refering to herself out of concern she may mess up. While she is kind, she tends to rub others the wrong way due to usually making bad impressions. Although she likes to help others, her airheaded tendencies tend to cause more trouble than help.

Despite her incidental, troublesome behavior, she will keep working hard and refuses to give up, knowing that things will work out in the end.


Sandy is a lightly tanned Lalaloopsy with peach cheeks and eyes the color of sea-foam.

Sandy's theme colors consist mainly of various shade of green with red or white accessories. Her clothing is somewhat french themed.

Her common dress is bright green in a leafy style, with a dark under layer, followed by a final yellow frilly layer. She wears red button bracelets on both wrist, almost resembling tomatoes, along with a crimson neckerchief, a white berret, and tann orange socks and white sandles. Sometimes she'll add a loose white belt around her hops.


Sandy's home looked like a giant sandwich with different types of napkin based accessories on the ouside, a walkway made of bread slices, a yellow "cheese" carpet on her steps, and a toaster shaped chimney on her roof. Each piece on the roof resembles Toast, and she also has a small "soup" pond nearby. Each window frame resembles a baguette, and above her home are clouds shaped like various breads. The plant life around her home has vegetables and utensils on them.


  • Sandy's common attire is meant to represent a Sandwich itself. Her hair and socks being bread, the dress being lettuce while the bottom layer is cheese, tomato bracelets, ketchup neckerchief, pickle eyes, and a mayo hat with two small olive pins. The belt she sometimes wears is meant to resemble onion slices.