Starlight SuperStar
Starlight SuperStar 2


Full Size Doll

Sewn On:

September 28th (National Singer's Day)

Sewn From:

A Singer's Dress



Meet Starlight SuperStar. Also feel free to see her little sister, Sunshine SuperStar.


Starlight is a bossy girl who loves to be in stage. Although she is bossy, she always cares for her friends.

She was sewn from a singer's dress and was sewn on September 28 (National Singer's Day).


Starlight has light colored skin with light pink cheeks and regular black eyes. She has long purple hair tied into a sideways pony-tail with the bottom of her bang and tip of ther pony-tail dyed light purple. To hold her hair she has a yellow star clip. She also has a microphone next to her mouth.

She has a sholderless light blue longsleeved shirt with a dark blue belt and a matching skirt with her shirt. She has pink socks with light blue boots with buckles. She also has a yellow star necklace that matches with her hair pin.


Her pet is a cute yellow lovebird with black button eyes and with light pink cheeks. She has a bow on her head. Lovebird loves to sing along with Starlight, even though she only tweets. Starlight can always count on her when she needs to make a new song because she's the one who makes the tunes.


Starlight SuperStar lives in a home that looks like a stage. It has a red curtain draped over it with gold stars. The walkway has a red carpet that goes all the way to the door. On the roof it has a mircophone for a chimmy. Inside, she has wallpaper to make it look like a stage and a bunch of mircophones and instruments.


Starlight is best friends with Harmony B. Sharp.