Sunshine SuperStar
Sunshine SuperStar


Lalaloopsy Little

Sewn From:

A Singer's Dress

Sewn On:

June 22nd (Sing-A-Song Day)



Meet Sunshine SuperStar! She is the little sister of Starlight SuperStar!


Sunshine is a shy girl who has a case of stage fright and loves helping friends. (unlike her sister, who loves to be on stage) She is also very caring of her friends, just like her sister.

She was sewn from a singer's dress and was sewn in June 22 (Sing-a-Song Day).


Sunshine has light colored skin with hot pink cheeks and regular black eyes.She has purple hair with 2 pigtails sticking out and 2 pink heart hair clips to hold it. Her bangs are seperated once and are cut straight.

She has a hot pink dress with light pink gloves and hot pink boots. She also has a light pink heart necklace that maches with her hair pins.


Her pet is a cute bluebird with black button eyes and no cheeks. He loves to dance with Sunshine even though he's a bit clumsy. He always helps Sunshine think of a new song to sing. He also likes Starlight's pet lovebird.


Sunshine lives with her older sister, Starlight SuperStar.