Sweet Nara


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Sewn on

June 1st

Sewn from

Remains of Creator's Clothing


Tabby Cat

Meet Sweet Nara! People say she is a special doll that can only be your friend if you have a pure heart.

Sewn on :June 1st (The birthday of her creators lover.)

Sewn from : Her creators remains of her clothing


Sweet Nara is a wonderful and sweet girl. She loves to dress up in many outfits and eat sweets. Sweet Nara can be a bit messy since she loves unbaked batter on any kind of sweets, espically unbaked cookie dough. She hates having her button eyes touched unless it's slow and with a towel. Sweet Nara is very good friends with Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Coral Sea Shells. If you promise to love her for life, she'll always remain by your side.


Sweet Nara was made after her creator lost his sweetheart to a horrible accident. Struck with grief, he remembered Lalaloopsy were her favorite dolls. Using her clothing, he sewed a doll in her likeness and placed a lock of her hair inside, After she was finished, she sprang up to life and shocked him. He hugged his new doll, and named her after the lover he lost. It's said that Sweet Nara acts just like his lover.


Sweet Nara is a pale skined girl with bubblegum hair that relaxes down to her neck. There is a bright red bow on her head. Her dress is a replica of what his lover wore often, using the exact outfit to make it. On the back on of Sweet Nara, there is a big seam that holds the hair in her. Her shoes match her dress, and so do her socks. Sweet Nara somnetimes has a stain on her mouth from eating unbaked cookie dough.


Sweet Nara has a beautiful tabby cat that her creator sewed for her.


Sweet Nara lives in a house that repersents her creators home. It is a pink 2 story house. Sweet Nara always welcomes visitors, but she will ask for a sweet once in a while.


  • Sweet Nara is a redesign of a previous Lalaloopsy OC.
  • Sweet Nara is friends with 2 other pink haired dolls.